Research Project on Evolutionary Information Systems

This research project “Model-based Creation and Management of Evolutionary Information Systems” was funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The project lasted from January 2010 until December 2014. A short description of the project follows:

The business environment is quickly changing. New economic and business models, such as digital and knowledge based economy, are emerging. As has been revealed by the current economic crisis, only organizations able to adapt to the changing environment by respectively changing their business models will survive. The business model is reflected by the organization’s information systems (IS) that must evolve dynamically with business. Our research goal is to develop IS that evolve in an evolutionary way jointly with business by means of constant development. We intend to achieve this goal by investigating and applying collaborative IS development by their users and developers. We take an approach of socio-technical systems that combines agent-oriented modelling with four other research topics. The resulting model-based creation and management of IS will increase the speed of IS development and management and ensure the robustness and credibility of IS created/changed.